Full Service, not Full Price

The ONLY independent ships husbandry agency in Fernandina Beach, FL

A Full Service Ship agency specializing in all forms of vessel husbandry serving the ports of
Fernandina, FL, Jacksonville, FL, Brunswick, GA, and Savannah, GA.
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Professional, Punctual & Efficient

We specialize in handling containerized cargo vessels, poultry/reefer vessels, break-bulk, paper, RO/RO, and special purpose vessels as well as public and private vessels loading a variety of cargo.

We also have extensive experience handling High Interest Vessels, developing security plans and arranging for all security needs to ensure a smooth operation.

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If you can roll it, lift it, and load it, we can handle it.

It is evident that our experience and expertise make us unique in our industry, our professionalism make us stand out above all others, and our dedication to providing our principles with superior service have earned us their respect and loyalty.

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